Optimize your  design., production chain., logistics.

We specialize in optimizing your value chain from product design to order fulfillment.
Based on the opportunities in your business, we develop a solution consisting of relevant services.
The goal is to reach your business goals.


Our Process

After defining the objective for your value chain, we analyze the current situation and research potential.
We quality control the concept to ensure that quality requirements for the production are met, and present a solution to optimize your value chain.


The process is simple, yet powerful:


Our inhouse industrial design team assist with R&D and design optimization. With experience from product-design, space-technology and microelectronics, we are confident that we can develop the solutions that best serves your needs. We are obsessed with indentifying potential for improvement, and strive to lean your design.


Effective supply chains reliably delivers quality that exceeds expectations at reasonable cost within timeframes. The development of chains of this type requires insight, rationality and creativity. With years of experience with outsourcing production to APAC and EMEA countries, we are convinced that nordic organizations can increase profitability by reevaluating their suppliers.



The initial production of goods can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming. The lack of qualified suppliers, routines and communication results in a production that misaligns with your commercialization strategy, impacting your entire company. We help you find synergy with partners that strives for your success. Our methodology for finding partners is based on research, initial qualification, quality assurance and production testing. The goal is to establish production chains that are optimized for your current needs, yet holds the ability for scaling for future needs.



Managing supply chains consistently requires a combination of strategy and creativity to reliably deliver goods of exceptional quality at the right time at minimal cost. Our responsibility for the cooperation of independent suppliers include establishing production-routines and initiating standards for communication. We help to sustain and optimize your supply chain so that you can focus on business opportunities.



Logistics can be as important as the supply chain itself due to the cost related to product delivery. We experience that well established businesses do not take advantage of the potential for automation of recurring processes related to logistics following their sales channels, and have identified a series of tools and strategies that enhances routines for logistics by integrating with industry standard softwares.



We seek to find ambitious clients with a clear strategy for scale, and acknowledge that not all businesses are a good fit for us.
Our goal is to form relationships where our process of optimizing your manufacturing will yield results both in the short- and long-term.
Arrange a non-binding and completely free online or physical consultation where we discover how our services might help you.

Marketing Strategy & Customer Experience

We develop, analyze and optimize marketing strategies and customer journeys to convert new customers and increase customer loyalty.
Let us provide you with value that will help you become the leading player in your industry in 2019 by booking a non-binding and completely free advisory meeting.

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